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What is coursed building stone?

The use of coursed building stone has emerged as a popular construction method in UK housebuilding, for its timeless appeal and unparalleled elegance. As an integral part of the country’s architectural heritage, this method of construction not only pays homage to the past but also continues to shape the present and future of building developments. With the ability to complement various architectural styles, coursed building stone allows new buildings to integrate with their surrounding landscape.

Coursed building stone refers to stones used in a structured, ordered manner known as coursing. Chosen for its visual appeal, the regularity of the stone arrangement can enhance the symmetry and balance of a building’s façade. The stones within each course are aligned horizontally, meaning the top surfaces of the stones in each layer are at the same level, creating straight and level lines throughout the structure.

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The use of coursed building stone in modern construction reflects the geology of the area by using a naturally available building material. In doing so, this helps new developments to seamlessly blend into their surroundings and connect with the local area. With stone processing facilities across Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds, Building Stone are able to supply high quality, durable coursed building stone using Limestones and Ironstone that celebrates the regional diversity of the United Kingdom, supporting house builders and developers.

The uniformity of coursed building stone helps to simplify the laying process, making it easier to achieve precise alignments and overall making the construction process easier and more efficient, whilst at the same time providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the finished structure.

Natural stone holds excellent thermal mass properties, meaning it can absorb, store and release heat over time. This is a valuable selling point for housebuilders, as the natural insulation qualities of the stone increase the energy efficiency of homes constructed with coursed building stone, meaning occupants benefit from reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills, which also helps to reduce the environmental impact.

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Constructing with coursed building stone makes use of a natural resource and, using only responsibly quarried materials, we are able to supply a fine selection of natural limestones ranging in colour from light buff to darker gold and honey hues as well as Ironstone with its distinctive orange-brown colour. Our coursed building stone is available as sawn and split, which can be quickly and easily laid to create a symmetrical appearance and can also be tumbled to remove the sharp corners and edges whilst retaining a natural rustic appearance. Available in four different heights and random lengths between 200mm – 450mm long, this enables a natural look to be achieved.

Our coursed building stone is available in Ironstone as well as Bath Stone, Guiting, Oathill and Creeton Limestones (from our own quarries) and can be supplied ready to lay straight from the pallet. If you would like more information about our coursed building stone or would like to find out about delivery options, please contact us on 01608 489900 or email