Creeton Banded

Creeton Banded Limestone is a unique Lincolnshire Clipsham style stone with a honey to cream colour and a medium grain texture and gets its name from its attractive patina and intermittent banding. Creeton Banded limestone is pale cream in colour, very dense but scratched easily, with some grains densely packed with fossil fragments, some of which measured 10mm in length.

Petrographic Description and Mineral Examination

The constituents were held in a sparite cement. The sample readily absorbed water in the drop test. The stone consisted principally of micritic ooliths, most of which showed traces of a concentric structure. The size was typically 1mm down, with many centred around a seed of a broken fossil fragment or sparite. Sorting is generally poor, but packing is dense, with many ooliths showing signs of distortion due to compaction. There are many fine iron mineral grains throughout the stone often giving rise to localised discolouration due to iron oxides/hydroxides. Some pore spaces remain but most are filled with a coarse sparite cement which after staining confirmed the carbonate composition as calcite.

Creeton Banded Window

Test data

Open Porosity 12.7 % BY VOL BSEN 1936
Apparent Density 2370 kg/m³ BSEN 1936
Water Absorption [Atmospheric Pressure] 6.6% BSEN 13755
Water Absorption [by Capillarity] 98 g.m-2.s-0.5 BSEN 772-11
Compressive Strenght 31.1 Mpa BSEN 772-12
Frost Resistance 3 Cycles BSEN 12371
Thermal Conductivity [10 dry units] 2.3 W[m.k]-1 BSEN 1745
Specifis Heat Capacity 1000 J/[kgK] BSEN 1745:2012

*All comprehensive British and European Standards test data and declaration of performance for CE markingapplication are available on request.

Bed height 300mm – 800mm
Block length Up to 2500mm
Block width Up to 1500mm
Weight Up to 10 tons

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