Creeton Silver Bed

Creeton Silverbed Limestone is a fine grained limestone with a creamy off white colour. It gets its name from the small clusters of fossiliferous shells and mineral veining that can give the impression of flecks of silver within the stones appearance.

Petrographic Description and Mineral Examination

Creeton Silverbed limestone is a very dense pale cream colour consisting primarily of ooliths and generally fossil fragments within a calcium carbonate cement. Small grains of iron minerals are present and occasionally seen along with a colourless cement. Some of the fossil fragment appear to have a high iron content and there is no visible orientation to the components within the sample and a moderate rate of water absorption during the drop test.

In thin section the stone is dominated primarily of ooliths and peloids. These are typically circular or ovoid in shape with many showing a degree of concentric structure. Some showed iron rich grains to be present with some local discolouration. These were generally micritic, with a seed consisting of quartz grain or lithoclasts/ sediment fragments.

Only low levels of compaction have been observed with Ooliths showing negligible distortion. Other bioclastic elements are also present along with bivalves and bryozoans. Finer particles and fossil fragments often occur in patches but all constitutes are evenly sorted and held within a coarse sparite cement. Based on the mineralogy identified the limestone
has been given the classification of Oolitic Limestone.

Silverbed Limestone Staircase 2560x1810
Creeton Silverbed Fireplace

BRE Test Data

Open Porosity 14.3 % BY VOL BSEN 1936
Apparent Density 2320 kg/m³ BSEN 1936
Water Absorption [Atmospheric Pressure] 5.9% BSEN 13755
Water Absorption [by Capillarity] 92 g.m-2.s-0.5 BSEN 772-11
Compressive Strenght 37.9 Mpa BSEN 772-11
Frost Resistance 3 56 Cycles BSEN 12371
Thermal Conductivity [10 dry units] 2.3 W[m.k]-1 BSEN 1745
Specific Heat Capacity 1000 J/[kgK] BSEN 1745:2012

*All comprehensive British and European Standards test data and declaration of performance for CE marking
application are available on request.

Bed height 300mm – 1000mm
Block length Up to 3000mm
Block width Up to 1500mm
Weight Up to 16 tons

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