Guiting Cotswold Stone

Guiting Cotswold block has a distinctive, slightly darker golden or honey colour and a medium grain that’s typical of Cotswold towns and villages. The block sizes are unusually large for a Cotswold quarry with a block height up to two metres and individual sizes up to 14 tonnes, which means it is useful for a wide variety of walling, building and masonry requirements.

Petrographic Description and Mineral Examination

Guiting Cotswold Limestone is orange-brown in colour and consists primarily of ooliths with a number of typically elongated bioclasts. The constituents are held within a coarse carbonate cement and there appeared to be a broad alignment of some of the components. During testing there was no evidence of weathering or deterioration. In thin section, the stone consists of a general assemblage of ooliths, bioclasts and intraclasts with quartz grains forming a notable constituent. Some ooliths show a typical concentric structure but many had a seed consisting of quartz grain, bioclast or intraclast/lithoclast fragnents. Some are also formed around a quartz or feldspar crystal.

Bioclasts consist mainly of echinoid plates, bivalves and gastropods and usually show a rim of micrite around the periphery. Iron minerals are present in small quantities
throughout the section which often give rise to the development of oxides/hydroxides producing the distinctive orange colour to the stone. Based on the mineralogy identified the stone has been given the classification of Oolitic limestone.

Guiting Gold

BRE Test Data

Petrographic examination Oolitic Limestone [Oosparite] BSEN 12407
Apparent density 2010 kg/m³ BSEN 1936
Open porosity 25.7% by volume BSEN 1936
Open porosity after thermal resistance 25.5% by volume BSEN 1936
Water absorption by atmospheric pressure 9.6% by weight BSEN 13755
Water absorption by capillarity 98 g/(m2.s0.5) BSEN 772-11
Compressive Strength 10.2 MPa BSEN 13755
Frost Resistance 56 Cycles BSEN 12371
Water vapour resistance factor dry 50 BSEN 10456
Water vapour resistance factor wet 40 BSEN 10456
Specific heat capacity 1000 J/[kgK] BSEN 1745
Thermal Conductivity 1.1 W/(m.K) BSEN 1745
Reaction to fire A1 ISO 13501-1
Flexural strength dry tested perpendicular to
the edges of the planes of anisotropy
2.0 (1.3) MPa BSEN 12372
Flexural strength after 14 cycles freeze/thaw
2.0 (1.6) MPa BSEN 12372
Flexural strength dry after 20 cycles thermal
2.0 (1.4) Mpa BSEN 12372
Breaking load at dowel hole 800 N BSEN 13364
Direct airborne sound insulation 2010 kg/m³ BSEN 1936

*All comprehensive British and European Standards test data and declaration of performance for CE marking
application are available on request.

Bed Height 300mm – 2000mm
Block Length Up to 4000mm
Block Width Up to 1500mm
Weight Up to 16 tons

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