Stoke Ground Bath stone – base bed

Stoke Ground Base Bed is a light buff / grey slightly open grained limestone, with small intermittent shell deposits. It is the ideal stone for exposed and weathering areas such as cornices, coping and string courses where you want the aesthetic qualities of Bath Stone but also need to achieve enhanced durability.

Petrographic Description and Mineral Examination

Stoke Ground Base Bed is an open grained, oolitic limestome with small intermittent shell deposits from the Great Oolite of the middle Jurassic age. Light Buff/Grey in colour which mellows with age, Base Bed is suitable for all types of masonry detailing, cladding, ashlar walling, flooring, fireplaces and building stone.

Stoke Ground Base Bed is traditionally acknowledged as a durable limestone and its performance when used in exposed and weathering areas such as cornices, copings or string courses make it an excellent choice where its working qualities are required.

Base Bed is extensively used in restoration work, commercial and residential new builds throughout the UK and the limestone is mined at approximately 15m below ground and relatively easy to access.

Apex Hotel
Case Medieval2

BRE Test Data

Open Porosity 22 % BY VOL. BSEN 1936
Appartent Density 2120 kg/m³ BSEN 1936
Water Absortption [Atmospheric Pressure] 9% BSEN 13755
Saturation Coefficient 0.73% BSEN 13755
Compressive Strength 22.9 MPa BSEN 772-11
Flexural Strength [After freeze thaw] 4.3 MPa BSEN 12372
Thermal Conductivity [10 dry units] 1.7 W[m.k]-1 BSEN 12524
Reaction to fire A1 BSEN 13501-1

*All comprehensive British and European Standards test data and declaration of performance for CE marking
application are available on request.

Bed Height 550mm – 750mm
Block Length Up to 3500mm
Block Width 850mm – 1100mm
Weight X

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