Stoke Ground Bath stone – top bed

Stoke Ground Top Bed is a finely grained, exceptionally consistent limestone with a pale cream or buff colour that mellows to the quintessential honey colour that is the hallmark of quality Bath Stone.

Petrographic Description and Mineral Examination

Produced from our own mine at Limpley Stoke, near Bath, our Stoke Ground Bath stone top bed is a Consistent, finely grained limestone with a pale cream / buff colour which mellows with age to a light honey colour, infamous of Bath Stone. It is suitable for all carving, ashlar walling and fireplaces. Top bed Bath stone is extensively used in restoration work and new builds throughout the UK. It possesses an unusually high bed height of up to 1,600mm and is therefore attractive to masons and carvers.

Ashlar Building Stone Ballustrading Scaled
Sculpt Top Bed

BSE Test Data

Open Porosity 19.5 % by vol. BSEN 1936
Appartent Density 1930 kg/m³ BSEN 1936
Water Absortption [Atmospheric Pressure] 10.30% BSEN 13755
Water Absortption [by Capillarity] 102.1 gm²s-0.5 BSEN 772-11
Compressive Strength 13.9 MPa BSEN 772-11
Frost Resistance 3 56 Cycles BSEN 12371
Thermal Conductivity [10 dry units] 1.4 W[m.k]-1 BSEN 1745
Specific heat capacity 1000 J/[kgK] BSEN 13501-1

*All comprehensive British and European Standards test data and declaration of performance for CE marking
application are available on request.

Bed Height 300mm – 1000mm
Block Length Up to 3000mm
Block Width Up to 1500mm
Weight Up to 16 tons

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