Coursed building stone

Available in Ironstone, and Bath stone, Guiting, Oathill and Creeton limestones.

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Our coursed natural limestone and Hornton Ironstone building stone is available in a range of sizes and finishes. Supplied nominally 100mm thick, our standard building stone course heights are 65mm, 90mm, 115mm, and 140mm. Our coursed building stone can be supplied as either Sawn, Split and Tumbled, or Sawn and Split.

Typically we supply a set proportion of each size so that the final wall does not look too heavy with any particular size. The stone is nominally 100 – 110mm on bed but wider stone can be specified up to 300mm. Each block is a random length within a range of 200mm to 450mm long.

Building stone can be used to great effect alongside the traditional ashlar plinth, quoins, and window surrounds. This can display the stone beautifully in a natural environment.

Coursed Building Stone On Pallet
Coursed Building Stone Processing

The benefits of coursed natural stone

All stone is available shrink-wrapped on pallets containing six square metres for easy on-site handling. The pallets can be stacked, therefore saving valuable space on site.

Stone comes in four different heights. The nature of the four different heights, coupled with the random lengths of the stones creates a natural look to any finished wall.

The stone can be tumbled at no extra cost to achieve a more rustic appearance.

We have the facilities to produce a minimum of 1,000 square metres per week.

The limestone can be laid straight from the pallet, no sorting or any tooling or residual chopping is needed therefore minimum wastage is achieved and the need for any additional stone masonry is avoided.

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