Dry stone walling

A dry stone wall can also be known as a dry-stone dyke, drystane dyke, dry-stone hedge, or rock fence. The wall is constructed from stones without using any mortar to bind them together. As with other dry stone structures, the wall is held up by the interlocking of the stones. Such walls are used in building construction, or as field boundaries.

The major benefit dry stone walls is their distinct character and traditional visual impact.

The technique of stone walling remains as popular today as ever, particularly in the Cotswolds. It is often used to great benefit in both the more traditional restoration projects, sympathetic new builds and in some cases more modern developments.

Finish Coursed
Sizes available 65mm, 90mm approx
Unit of sale m2
Pack weight 1 tonne
Delivered in Bags
Delivery Global

Drystone walling is a seasonal and sometimes sparsely available limestone building product. Please contact sales@buildingstone.co.uk or call us on 01386 841236 for the latest stock availability.

Supplied direct from Oathill and Guiting Quarry

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