Stone chimney stacks

Our range of stone chimney stacks are ideal for new build, restoration or extension projects alike. We also offer a bespoke service where we can design, craft and deliver stone chimney stacks made from our beautiful limestones or our exclusive ironstone.

We supply a range of stone chimney stacks in various designs and sizes. Choose from our own ironstone, produced solely in our Great Tew quarry, or one of our limestones.

For restoration and extension projects, our talented craftsmen can work to your designs and specifications to match or complement any existing stone chimney stacks. We are able to design your stone chimney stack to match the roof pitch, pots and capping as requested, using a stone to complement the rest of your build.

Building Stone Chimney Stack2
Building Stone Chimney Stack4

All of our stone is supplied with a full suite of test data including thermal conductivity and water absorption information. You can therefore be sure that your stone chimney stack is created using the highest quality stone and will stand the test of time.

Mined from our own quarries within the Johnston Quarry Group, your chimney stack can be produced from many of our beautiful limestones, including the famous Cotswold Gold or the light honey coloured Bath stone.

Our stone chimney stacks are available in:

  • Bath Stone
  • Cotswold Gold Limestone
  • Cotswold Cream Limestone
  • Creeton Limestone
  • Great Tew Ironstone

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