Stone columns

Make a big impact at every entrance.

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Suitable for homes and businesses, our stone columns make a big impact at every entrance. We supply stone columns in a variety of designs using stunning limestones and our exclusive north Oxfordshire ironstone.

Stone columns look impressive on any build, whether that’s a home improvement, architectural or landscaping project. Our stone columns are expertly crafted in our own workshop by our team of talented stonemasons, using state of the art machinery.

Choose from a range of stone columns inspired by Roman, Greek or Corinthian architecture. Or if you would prefer something contemporary or bespoke, contact our professional design team who can explain the options available to you and run you through the design process.


Building Stone Building Columns

All the stone we supply is mined in our own quarries, throughout the trusted Johnston Quarry Group. Choose from the distinctive deep orange-brown hues of ironstone, exclusively produced in our north Oxfordshire quarry, or one of our beautiful Oolitic limestones such as the Cotswold Cream or Creeton Silverbed. All the stone used for our stone columns is tested and accredited by the local authorities, and supplied with test data including tests for durability and performance in cold water.

All our stone columns are designed according to the weight they are carrying and the relevant distribution of that rate.

Our stone columns are available in:

  • Bath Stone
  • Cotswold Gold Limestone
  • Cotswold Cream Limestone
  • Creeton Limestone
  • Great Tew Ironstone

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