Stone finials

Traditionally placed on top of gate piers and posts, stone finials add an extra finishing touch to any gateway. Expertly crafted, our stone finials are available in a range of stone choices to complement your existing masonry, as well as a variety of shapes and sizes.

Stone finials can be added to gate piers or gate posts to create an impressive entrance to a property, complement balustrading or even used as garden ornaments. If you would like to add architectural interest to walls, steps or terraces, stone finials are the ideal choice.

Stone Finials Building Stone Cotswold

Choose from our range of beautiful natural stone for your finials, all mined from our own quarries within the Johnston Quarry Group. As a renowned and trusted supplier, we are the only company in the UK to produce the exquisite deep-orange brown ironstone direct from our quarry in Great Tew, north Oxfordshire. We also produce a range of Oolitic limestones including the pale honey colour Cotswold Cream and the fine Bath stone, perfect for stone finials.

If you require any help choosing your stone finials, please speak to our in-house design team who will be happy to discuss your project. We will recommend the best sizes and shapes for your gate piers or balustrading.

Our stone finials are available in:

  • Bath Stone
  • Cotswold Gold Limestone
  • Cotswold Cream Limestone
  • Creeton Limestone
  • Great Tew Ironstone

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