Stone Staircases

Add a sense of grandeur and unique elegance to your hallway with a bespoke stone staircase. Our natural stone staircases can be designed as stone spiral staircases, cantilever stone staircases and gravity-defying floating stone staircases.

Perfect for modern and heritage properties alike, your stone staircase can be designed to complement the aesthetics and beauty of your build.

Working with the natural characteristics of the stone, our stone staircases can be created using the warm, orange-brown ironstone, exclusively produced from our north Oxfordshire quarry. Or choose from the pale creams and light buffs of one of our beautiful historic Oolitic limestones for your perfect stone staircase.

Building Stone Staircase
Building Stone Staircase2

Our skilled designers and experienced stonemasons are on hand to work to your specifications to design and create a beautiful stone staircase. Why not choose an awe-inspiring floating stone staircase? Or if you are short on space, a beautiful spiral stone staircase will definitely make an impact. Alternatively, choose a cantilever stone staircase to increase that sense of space with steps that appear to float from an adjacent wall.

Speak to our friendly design team today to find out how we can help you create the perfect stone staircase.

Stone staircases are available in:

  • Bath Stone
  • Cotswold Gold Limestone
  • Cotswold Cream Limestone
  • Creeton Limestone
  • Great Tew Ironstone

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